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Farming starts from the roots up, working alongside the natural harmony found within the earths biota.


Our mission is based on our team’s passion and drive for a sustainable future.

Regenerative Farming

We believe land management is key to the regeneration of our ecosystems. 


In 21st century agriculture we need to work with, understand and respect the natural processes which exist within our soils.


In a livestock context this means putting into place a farming system that operates around mob grazing and pastoral rest.  This is achieved through herbivore interaction with the pasture. Mobs of cattle grazing in tight groups, maximising consumption and trampling surplus pasture back into the soil, recycling nutrients and carbon. The subsequent rest period will allow the rebuilding of plant function and health, through natural land regeneration. 

Our farming mission is to increase the thriving biology within our soil through pastoral regeneration. Our 'no till' policy gives the land a chance to naturally feed and balance itself, subsequently, producing the finest, nutritious Scottish Red Meat

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Environmentally Friendly Farming

Scientists have proven that chemical usage is systematically undermining soil health, both in Britain and across the world. In 2002 we stopped using artificial fertilisers and as a result our soil has flourished.


As farmers, animal welfare is our highest priority and we aim to do everything we can to care for and protect our livestock from harmful parasites and illnesses. But what if there was a way of doing this without the use of harsh chemicals?

At Rotmell Farm our mission is to dramatically reduce the amount of chemical and pour-on wormers used within our farming practice. Through a long term programme of livestock genetic selection and soil health improvement we can continue to enrich the environment for our livestock, helping them to keep healthy the natural way. 

Increase Biodiversity

Since converting to regenerative farming 4 years ago, we've seen a substantial increase in our native wildlife population.


From the glorious bumble bee buzzing in our natural wildflowers and hedge rows, the soaring kites gracing our sky's, to the grouse roaming our hillsides. We are proud that so many species are able to call Rotmell home.


Regenerative farming enhances soil health, promotes a wider diversity of plant life and species habitat, which in turn sustains a multitude of bug life. Each aspect plays it's part. 

As we progress on our farming journey, we aim to enhance our environment to sustain and increase the wildlife populations and species which live in harmony here with us at Rotmell.


High Quality & Sustainable Produce

Buying sustainably produced red meat has never been more important. These small, but conscious choices to buy from trusted butchers and family farms instead of factory farms help make the world a greener place. 


When you buy from sustainable sources, like ours, we can guarantee that the red meat and eggs have been produced to the highest of British standards, in an environmentally friendly way.  

This is reflected in the taste and quality of our produce, the loyalty of our following, ensuring we provide our customers with the best eating experience possible.

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