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Our Farm 

100% Grass Fed & Finished * No Added Hormones * Antibiotic Free * GMO Free * Naturally Marbled

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'We effectively convert solar energy into red meat. In essence that’s what we do. We try and absorb as much light as we possibly can, through diversity of pasture and through different plant sizes and leaf sizes. We then graze that off and try to convert as much, or an optimum amount, of that energy back into our growing animals.' - Alex Brewster

Hill Country Grazing

In following the path of the River Tay from Aberfeldy to Dunkeld you will discover an intricate patchwork of rich fertile pastures that is Rotmell Farm, nestled in the hill country of highland Perthshire. Within Rotmell Farms rich pastoral tapestry you'll find 14% improved pasture and good grazing, with the remaining rough and extensive hill country.


One of our main goals is to improve quality of the upland nutrition through regenerative grazing. We're currently working on sub dividing bigger blocks of land into what we classify as hill paddocks. These hill blocks will be grazed in a 24 hour rotation to help encourage a balance between grazing and animal impact. The farms overall aim is to grow tall grass covers, eat off 50% of that grass and then try to trample the rest back in. This helps to encourage recycling of nutrients back into the biology of the soil.


Carbon Sequestration

We believe that soil health is key to the success of pulling carbon out of the atmosphere. 

At Rotmell Farm we look to optimise the growth point of our plants so that our livestock get to feast on the highest feed value grazing. When the cell structure, protein rich content and metabolic energy is at its optimum for grazing. This allows us to put a lot of energy into the soil, which then works in harmony with the grazing needs of our livestock. 

Using this method has meant that we can graze our livestock outside all year round effectively, using what nature has provided. This reduces our usage of machinery and means we can sequester a higher quantity of carbon throughout the year. Scientists have proven that for every 1% increase in organic matter per acre of soil, results in a drawdown of 10 more tones of carbon. 

Our Regenerative Tribe

At the heart of Rotmell Farming you'll find Alex Brewster and his tribe of likeminded individuals all striving for the same regenerative farming goals. With a passion for livestock and caring for the British landscape at their core, these highly skilled individuals are continuously adapting their farming methods to ensure a sustainable farming future for generations to come. If you are interested in joining our tribe please get in touch. 

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