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Rotmell Farming Genetics

For over 20 years Rotmell Farm has invested time into their livestock genetics. Following his Nuffield Scholarship Alex saw a need for producing an elite breeding herd and flock on his farm, with an aim to create a composite breed ideal for hill country. Since then producing genetic diversity and a flock/herd highly suited for upland conditions.

Fecundity, fertility, good milk with high solids are all traits found within our genetics. Bred to maintain a better performance in a colder climate and harder years, they will carry more young with more resilience. By selecting his livestock, ensuring that only suitable replacements where kept. Therefore naturally developing an optimum and healthy herd/flock, reducing animals prone to lameness or disease. 

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Rotmell Aberdeen Angus


The Aberdeen Angus, is one of Scotland's mighty native breeds. Known for its adaptability to its surroundings and its quality premium meat, this hardy animal is perfectly placed within Rotmell Farm's picturesque hill ground. 

It's beef is world renowned for its sumptuous marbling tender eating quality and high natural protein and mineral content.  


Grass Fed Lamb


Rich in vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids, Scottish lamb has been enjoyed by many a generation. Our flock of 700 hardy hill country sheep work alongside our cattle in utilising the hill and mountain pastures at Rotmell Farm. Grazing on nutrient rich pastures ensure that our lamb provides a succulent, tender and flavoursome eating experience. 


Free Range Laying Hens


Our 4,000 bird hen flocks are genetically selected for their high laying capabilities. The selection of different breeds of hens within one flock helps to create a greater collective genetic resilience, making our flocks perfectly suited for their outdoor free range lifestyle. These hardy birds fit perfectly within their home in the highlands. 

If you are interested in purchasing our eggs wholesale, please get in contact. 

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