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Grass Fed - Regenerative Powered

By feeding the smallest microbes to the largest of our cows, this management for total nutrition helps complete the soil food web and the natural carbon cycle. 

We have been focusing for over 20 years in supplying butcher shops and specialising in high quality pasture fed beef. We pride ourselves in guaranteeing that our 180 Angus cattle have a stress free, nutrient rich environment. This system allows the animals to unlock their potential and to express themselves in the most natural way possible, culminating in a first class eating experience.

Our cattle play a fundamental role in ensuring that we are farming for a greener future. Through continuously developing our ecologically founded grazing platform and placing highly attuned breeding stock on these grazing pastures, we've substantially increased our farms living eco systems, resulting in a greater carbon drawdown and higher quality beef.

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Grass Geared Genetics

Our strong Angus herd has been meticulously selected for their key attributes.


Alex embrace his passion for quality beef production and hand selected genetics, by utilising the grassland on his farms all year round, in turn helping to promote key live weight gain within his herd, purely from grass. This allows Rotmell Farm to provide their customers and local butchers with meat all year round. It is important for us to have a herd that works in harmony with each other and our landscape.


Known for their versatility and enduring characteristics, the Angus is a ideal breed for hill pasture reclamation. Additional to these valuable features our spring calving herd has been selectively bred to encompass great maternal qualities and a calm demeanour, making them easy to handle when moving within a mob grazing system. 

If you are interested in our livestock genetics or purchasing livestock from us please get in contact.


Nuffield Beef Study Group


Powering pasture and the relevance of red meat in the 21st century. 

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